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Fly Away

I work near the airport, everyday when I get to the office the sound of the airplane’s engine welcomes me.
I look up and imagine how many people are in that plane, going away, and why they are doing it. It takes me  2 minutes from my car to the front door, it makes my day to imagine someone is looking down and wondering the same thing about the people in my office.

It makes my day to believe that someday will be me, looking down from that airplane and going away…far away from you.


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Yo compadezco a los enamorados

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Awesome People




“Si tu quieres yo me voy contigo, donde tu vayas, donde tu quieras, me voy contigo”.

El Bicho


This is who you are, nothing…stardust

No love,  hate, death, pain … and no one cares beyond your little head you call reality


“I left ruin behind me when I returned
But I also carried ruin with me”


…estos ojos que no miden ni comparan ni se

olvidan de tu cara, ni se acuerdan de tu cruz…

Cerrado por Derribo, J. Sabina